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What's Rigging?

Rigging is called:

  • Stage Equipment
  • Rigging Equipment / Rigging System
  • Flying System

What's Rigging?

Backstage, in most theatres, there is a rigging system (also called a flying system) that allows scenery, curtains, and lighting equipment to be raised and lowered. The rigging makes it possible to move (fly) curtains and scenery for dramatic effect and scene changes. Rigging also provides access to the equipment for maintenance.

Motion, whether for effect or to access technical equipment, is our specialty. We’ll work with you to develop systems that fit your technical and artistic needs. In addition to providing theatrical rigging systems for schools, universities, opera houses, and performing arts centers, we also work on cruise ships, concert halls, scoreboard and video wall hoists, and more. Please contact us, and we’ll be pleased to share our experience and knowledge with you.

There are many different types of rigging systems, including manually operated systems, counterweighted systems, and motorized systems. Each of these have different costs and benefits – contact us and we’ll work with you or your consultant to develop the system that meets your needs.

For more information, see our Rigging System Design Guide.

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