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Faculty and students praise Clancy's automated system.

Why Clancy Automated Rigging?

When you choose a Clancy system, you know it’s carefully constructed, reliable, and built to last with:

  • Conservative design
  • The highest quality materials
  • Thorough testing under conditions
    that exceed the industry norm

Automated Rigging

Motorized options for theatres of all sizes

When it comes to automation, one hoist does not fit all. When you choose Clancy, you can select from several families of hoists to meet your creative, technical, and budget requirements. Custom hoists can also be developed for unique projects.

VARION™ Hoists
Designed with versatility
in mind.
PowerLift® Hoists
PowerLift brings
economical automation
to every theatre.
Line Shaft Hoist

An individual drum for
each lift line eliminates
head and loft blocks.
Automate existing
(or new) manual
counterweight sets.
Drum Hoists
The simplest and most
widely used hoist.
Point Hoists
A separate hoist for each
lift line for ultimate flexibility.
Pile Up (Yo-yo) Hoists
Compact hoist for
special applications.
Custom Hoists
For high speed, high capacity,
and unusual applications.

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