Design, Manufacture and Installation of Theatrical Equipment Worldwide

“Make Our Partners Successful” is a guiding principle at J.R. Clancy and one reason we are uniquely qualified to build your project on-time and on-budget.

On-time, complete, and correct information

Let’s face it, building a performance space requires unique sets of skills. At J.R. Clancy, you and your architect or theatre consultant have experts to talk to who know rigging and can provide ideas and details that fit your space and your budget. On-time, complete, and correct information saves you time and money – two reasons to choose J.R. Clancy.

Explore ideas using clear and accurate drawings prior to the final design and specifications.

On-time, complete, and correct delivery

J.R. Clancy dealers / installers are factory authorized rigging experts – trained in the facility where we manufacture 100% of our equipment. We promise our dealers to “Make Our Partners Successful,” and a critical part of that commitment is on-time, complete, and correct delivery.

Unsurpassed factory support is a J.R. Clancy trademark. Pete Svitavsky, PE (JRC Engineer) leads a training class for JRC dealer partners. These classes cover installation and maintenance of the equipment.

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