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SceneControl® 500The Ultimate in Automation Control
SceneControl 500 Limitless programming opportunities for concert halls, performing arts high schools, and professional theatres. Realistic 3D displays of your stage on the console makes operation simple and easy to understand.
Altus Console The perfect console for mid-level backstage rigging systems with up to 48 hoists, Altus provides the flexibility you need to stage impressive set changes and dramatic visual effects. Its screen programmable capabilities allow you to create up to 200 cues with different speeds and targets for each hoist.
SureTarget 10
SceneControl 100 Simple position and speed control for up to 10 hoists for schools, community theatre, and small professional theatres.
SureTarget Position control for a single fixed speed hoist, with up to four presets. Perfect for lighting sets, orchestra shell ceilings, and other sets where accurate, repeatable positioning is needed.
Control System Comparison SureTarget SureTarget 10 Altus SC500
Maximum number of channels 1 10 48 999
Maximum numbers of cues / presets 4 8 200 999
Color display size   6 12 15
Reliable industrial grade components X X X X
Simple, accurate position control X X X X
User programmed soft end-of-travel limits X X X X
Direct upup / dowdowdown push button control X X X X
Speed control / time control*   X X X
User programmed acceleration, deceleration, and default velocity*   X X X
Joystick for speed adjustment “on the-fly”   1 1 2
User naming of presets / cues   X X X
Status page showing current position, limit switch status,
amperage*, and drive fault status*
  X X X
Load monitoring (hoists must have load sensors)   X X X
Position displayed in US or metric units   X X X
Optional hand held remote   X X X
Custom 3D display of your performance space       X
Group winches for synchronized operation*       X
Adjustable height for operator convenience and ADA compliance       X
Twin playbacks for simple execution of complex moves       X
UL Listed as meeting UL 508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels X X X X
*Variable speed hoists required
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