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Curtain Guides

Curtain Guides


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  • Curtain guides are used on the edges of fire curtains and other curtains to guide the curtains along tensioned wire ropes or in tracks. This reduces the bowing/hour-glassing from unequal pressure on the sides of the curtain.
  • Bronze guides are standard for fire curtains.
  • Roller guides are used with tracks for heavier duty applications. Reference IBC, NFPA and local code for appropriate hardware.


Product Code Description Weight
016-170 Curtain Guide, Bronze Spool 0.3 lb (0.14 kg)
016-171 Curtain Guide, UHMW Spool (Not for Fire Safety Curtain Use) 0.2 lb (0.09 kg)
016-370 Curtain Guide, Steel Rollers (Requires steel hem reinforcement) 1.3 lb (0.59 kg)



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