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Drum Hoists

Drum Hoist
Drum Hoist
  • Drum hoists are the simplest and most widely used motorized hoists. They are usually a dead haul type of hoist, where the entire load is supported by the hoist, without the use of counterweights
  • The hoist has a drum long enough to accommodate all of the lift lines required for that particular set. The drum is helically grooved so that the lift lines wrap neatly in a single layer, to avoid damage to the wire rope. The drum can be oriented either horizontal or vertical depending on project requirements.
  • Drum hoists can be located on the grid, galleries, or in a separate motor room. A head block and loft blocks may be used to route the lift lines to the batten.
  • Fixed and variable speeds are available.
Key Features
  • The motor, brake, and gearbox are an integrated unit from a single manufacturer, for quality assurance. A continuous shaft links the brake, motor armature, and the first stage pinion gear without the need for couplings, for added reliability and safety.
  • The motor brake is spring applied and electrically released, for "fail safe" operation.
  • The drum is helically grooved to carry a single layer of cable, for long cable life and reliable operation.
  • Four limit switches are provided for normal end of travel and over travel protection. The two circuits operate separately for added safety.
  • Please call with questions or orders. We'll work with you to provide hoists to meet your schedule and needs.
Ordering Information
We're pleased to provide you with quotes for our hoists. Please provide the following information:
  • Capacity
  • Speed (fixed or variable speed, feet per minute)
  • Travel
  • Number and diameter of lift lines
  • Any special requirements
  • Hoists require 3 phase power at 208, 230, or 460 VAC. Please confirm voltage at time of ordering. (380 and 575 VAC and 50 Hz hoists are available for international projects)
  • Overspeed and load brakes
  • Dual drums
  • Slack line detector
  • Cross groove detector
  • Keeper rollers
  • Load cells
  • Position encoders
  • Additional limit switches
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