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Curtain Guides

Curtain Guides
Curtain Guide, Bronze Spool
Curtain Guides
Curtain Guide, UHMW Spool
Curtain Guides
Curtain Guide, Steel Rollers
  • Curtain guides are used on the edges of fire curtains and other curtains to guide the curtains along tensioned wire ropes or in tracks. This reduces the bowing from unequal pressure on the opposite sides of the curtain.
  • Bronze guides are traditional, and are necessary for fire safety curtains.
  • The ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic guides are lighter in weight and quieter in operation. These are not recommended for use on fire curtains, but are very useful for guided stage curtains to control movement and to prevent hour glassing.
  • Roller guides are used with tracks for heavier duty applications. See the Fire Curtain Smoke Pockets page for information on smoke pockets with guide tracks for use with roller guides.
Ordering Information
Product Code Description Wt.
016-170 Curtain Guide, Bronze Spool 0.3 lb
016-171 Curtain Guide, UHMW Spool (Not for Fire Safety Curtain Use) 0.2 lb
016-370 Curtain Guide, Steel Rollers (Requires steel hem reinforcement) 1.3 lb
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