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Fire Line Release & Enclosure

Fire Curtain Release & Enclosure
Fire Line Release

Fire Curtain Release Enclosure
Lever Release
  • Easy-to-Use Lever provides a simple, positive method of releasing the fire line.
  • No pins to pull or lose.
  • The over-center design of the lever offers added reliability,ensuring the handle will pull the pin and release the fire line. This overcomes the tendency of some pull ring systems to bind when the fire line is heavily loaded.
  • Includes fire release sign.
  • Sturdy Enclosure accomodates the lever and mounting hardware
  • A clear acrylic cover allows clear view of the release.
  • The integral hand grip allows the cover to be opened easily in the event of fire, yet provides protection against accidental activation.
  • High contrast lettering on the cover for easy visibility.
Ordering Information
Product Code Description Wt.
016-14L Fire Line Release 1.5 lb
016-14EX Fire Curtain Release Enclosure 2 lb
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