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Fire Safety Curtain Guide

Why take chances?

Fire curtains are a key component in your fire safety system. Most building codes require a self closing fire curtain to protect your audience. J.R. Clancy fire curtains are the smart, economical solution for new theaters and upgrades of existing systems.

Fire curtains designed to meet your specific needs

  • Brail or Straight Lift – to suit your stage architecture
  • Manual or Motorized – all curtains close automatically when tripped; non-emergency operations can be motorized for convenience

Straight Lift
Fire Safety Curtain

The most straightforward design, the Straight Lift Fire Safety Curtain system is used when the available space is more than twice the proscenium height. It uses a counterweight set to balance the weight of the curtain. Motorization is possible using a traction drive winch in place of the head block.

straight line fire safety curtain

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The superior product choice

  • Fully Approved
    Exceeds UBC and other nationally recognized fire codes.
  • Zetex ®Protection
    Unique fabric prevents heat, smoke, and fire from reaching audience.
  • 1-Hour Rating
    Significantly exceeds fire code requirements.
  • Zero-Smoke Rating
    Keeps smoke and fumes to a minimum. Non-carcinogenic.
  • Easy & Economical
    An affordable installation or upgrade for your auditorium or theatre.

Brail Type Fire Safety Curtain

This system is used when the space above the proscenium is as small as half (or even less) the height of the proscenium opening. This type of curtain is not counterweighted, but is operated by a brail fire curtain winch. Both manual and powered winches are available.

J.R. Clancy developed and patented the first automatic self-closing fire curtains in 1904. Today we continue to be the leaders in development of new fire curtain materials and mechanisms to protect your theatre. Contact us for everything from complete turnkey solutions to add-on accessories to meet your fire code and project requirements. For further information contact J.R. Clancy or your local authorized dealer.

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ZetexPlus®: Developed for Fire Safety

The Best Possible Fire Protection

Made with revolutionary ZetexPlus fabric, J.R. Clancy fire curtains prevent the heat, smoke, and flames on the stage from reaching your audience and contain the blaze to minimize damage. The unique proprietary coating enables it to conduct heat radially along the fabric surface rather than through it.

Fully Approved

Curtains made of ZetexPlus Style 1210ZP material are listed and approved by the State of California Fire Marshal (listing #1670 -1164:100) for use as Proscenium Fire Protection Curtains per Uniform Building Code Standard 6.1 (1991 Edition).

Wire Insertion

ZetexPlus 1210ZP meets the strength requirements of the UBC without requiring wire insertion. Should you have unusual requirements, stainless steel wire can be woven into the fabric as an extra cost option.

Heat Resisting ZetexPlus Borders

Heat resisting borders made from ZetexPlus 800 fabric (26 oz./sq. yd.) are available in natural tan and black. These are used to prevent hot spots due to high temperature theatrical lights from damaging stage curtains. This lighter weight fabric is more flexible and is easier to hang on stage.

Physical Properties of ZetexPlus Fabrics

1210ZP & 1210ZP with Wire Curtains Meet or Exceed Code Requirements

Partial Record of Test Procedures
NOTE: Before selecting the fabric and curtain construction details, please consult your local building code officials
For application assistance please call us toll free at 800-836-1885. Specifications and additional information are online at

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