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J-Guide / T-Bar Locking Rail

J-Guide / T-Bar Locking Rail
J-Guide / T-Bar Locking Rail

  • Locking rails support rope locks and the index cards used to identify sets.
  • Rope locks and index cards are mounted on a 3"x 5"x 1/4" formed, pre-punched steel angle
  • Built to withstand a 500 lb per linear foot up load (RWL)
  • Numbered index cards with a safety warning are included. These can be written on using erasable marker or grease pencil.
  • Mounts to the stage floor. Mounting method must be able to withstand the imposed load.
  • Mounting stanchions are located on 5' (maximum) centers and made from 1/2" x 3"flat bar.
  • An optional reaction bar for use with a portable capstan winch is available.

Ordering Information
Product Code Type Set Centers Wt.
011-538R6 Single Purchase 6" 18 lb / ft
011-538R8 Single Purchase 8" 18 lb / ft
011-538D6 Double Purchase 6" 18 lb / ft
011-538D8 Double Purchase 8" 18 lb / ft
011-BAR Reaction Bar - 6 lb / ft
RWL: RWL is maximum load that can be applied to a block which is in "like new" condition and has been properly installed, maintained and operated.
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