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Lattice Track

Lattice Track
Lattice Track

  • Lattice track systems are used for individual counterweight sets such as act curtains and fire curtain.
  • Formed of two 2"x 2" x 1/4" steel angles with 1/4" x 2" formed brackets alternateing front and back on 2' centers.
  • Generally bolted flat to the proscenium wall.
  • Used with 84 Series lattice track arbors.
  • Bottom bracket included.
  • Optional bottom bracket with spring bumper stop is available

Ordering Information
Guide systems are ordered in linear feet of guide required.
Specify distance from wall to center line of guides
Product Code Description Wt.
012-5049R Lattice Track with bottom bracket 7 lb / ft.
112-8049S Bottom bracket with spring bumper 55 lb
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