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At Clancy, we offer manual rigging equipment to meet the needs of every theatre.

Manual Rigging

Equipment engineered for reliability and built to last

Manual rigging is currently used in hundreds of thousands of theatres worldwide. It’s also still a practical, cost-effective solution for new installations of all sizes. Manual rigging can also be combined with automated equipment to give theatres the benefits of each system.

At Clancy, we offer manual rigging equipment to meet the needs of every theatre. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a new installation, we'll help you and your consultant choose just the right system for your creative, technical, and budget requirements.

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Why Clancy Manual Rigging?

Rigging lifts and moves heavy equipment overhead. That's why it's so important to know your system is reliable and carefully designed.

Clancy equipment is engineered, manufactured and rigorously tested under the strict guidelines of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. That means when you choose Clancy, you receive a rigging system based on 125 years of experience, and backed by proven quality.

For manual rigging assistance regarding a specific project contact us today.

  • Clancy rigging equipment is not to be used for lifting or flying people.
  • Counterweight rigging systems must have a properly designed loading bridge (not provided by J.R. Clancy)
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