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Manual Rigging: Blocks

Durable, reliable, and designed to install easily

Clancy blocks are installed in thousands of stages across the globe. Made of the highest quality materials, they’re engineered for fast, seamless installation. For manual rigging assistance regarding a specific project contact us today.

  • 55 Series
    Upright head block; cast iron or nylon sheaves; 8", 12", and 16" diameter.
  • 59 Series
    Underhung head block; cast iron or nylon sheaves; 8", 12", and 16" diameter.
  • 19 Series
    Underhung loft block, with notched side plate for mounting to a single beam. Cast iron or nylon sheaves; 8" and 12" diameter.
  • 55, 56 & 59 Series
    Universal loft blocks for upright or underhung mounting. Cast iron or nylon sheaves with 8" and 12" diameter, plus 16" diameter steel blocks.
  • Loft Block Idlers
    Mounted on the side of a loft block to support ongoing lift lines.
  • Loft Block Pivot Bracket
    Adaptor for Universal loft blocks which must be mounted on sloped beams.
  • Custom Blocks
    Custom blocks are available to meet your requirements.
  • Multi-Sheave Blocks
    Rope blocks with 2 - 5 independent sheaves.
Sliding Tension Floor Blocks
Stand-alone floor blocks used with fire curtains.
Tension Floor Blocks
Adjustable block at the bottom of the hand line, used with A, J, or T guides.
Wire Guide Floor Blocks
Used with 011-518 series wire guide locking rails.
Light Duty Blocks
3" blocks used with fire lines and other light load applications.
Mule Blocks, 12 Series
Blocks for turning lift lines, 8" and 12" diameter.
Mule Blocks Swivel & Stands
Stands and swivel mounting brackets for mule blocks.

NOTE: Clancy rigging equipment is not meant to be used for lifting people.

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