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Multi-Sheave Blocks

Upright Multi-Sheave Block
Upright Multi-Sheave Block

  • Blocks may be mounted upright or underhung.
  • Blocks with three or more sheaves are constructed with the base angle legs turned in to allow close mounting centers. Base angles are notched to clear ropes and cables.
  • Nylon or ASTM Class 30 grey iron sheaves.
  • 17mm sealed precision ball bearings.
  • 12 gauge side plates located outside and between sheaves.

Ordering Information
Lines Bearings Cast Iron
Prod. Code
RWL Wt. Nylon
Prod. Code
8-5/8" 2 17mm BB 400-20855C75 900 lb 27 lb 400-20855N75 900 lb 21 lb
8-5/8" 3 17mm BB 400-30855C75 900 lb 35 lb 400-30855N75 900 lb 26 lb
8-5/8" 4 17mm BB 400-40855C75 900 lb 42 lb 400-40855N75 900 lb 31 lb
8-5/8" 5 17mm BB 400-50855C75 900 lb 50 lb 400-50855N75 900 lb 36 lb
Change the last two characters from "75" (3/4" rope) to "25" for 1/4" cable.
RWL: RWL is maximum load that can be applied to a block which is in "like new" condition and has been properly installed, maintained and operated.
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