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Outrigger Bracket

Outrigger Bracket
Outrigger Bracket

  • Used to support outrigger battens in front of the T-Bar wall.
  • Use 015-67R Pipe Batten with these brackets to form the outrigger.
  • Outrigger battens are used to support index lights or act as a scenery bumper.
  • Use on 10' maximum centers.
  • Optional 6" x 6"wall plate with 12" sleeve available to attach batten end to a wall.
  • Brackets typically attach to J-Guide (T-Guide) wall battens.

Ordering Information
Product Code Description Wt.
015-96 Outrigger bracket w/ 1-1/2" half clamp 30 lb
015-96WS Wall plate for ch 40 1-1/2" batten 4 lb
015-96WSH Wall plate for ch 80 1-1/2" batten 6 lb
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