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Pile Up (Yo-yo) Hoists

Pile Up Hoist
Pile Up Drum Hoist
  • Pile-up or Yo-yo hoists allow the lift line to wrap on top of itself in a narrow slot. This type of hoist is normally used for low loads in applications such as banner hoists. They may also be used when there are space problems that preclude the use of drum type hoists.
Ordering Information
We're pleased to provide you with quotes for our hoists. Please provide the following information:
  • Capacity
  • Average Speed (fixed or variable speed, feet per minute)
  • Travel
  • Number and diameter of lift lines
  • Any special requirements
  • Hoists require 3 phase power at 208, 230, or 460 VAC. Please confirm voltage at time of ordering. (380 and 575 VAC and 50 Hz hoists are available for international projects)
  • Load brakes
  • Slack line detector
  • Load cells
  • Position encoder
  • Additional limit switches
  • Custom controls can be provided to allow for accurate positioning and allow constant cable speeds
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