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Pin Rail with Belaying Pins
Pin Rail with Belaying Pins
Sand Bag
  • Pin rails are designed to allow the user to insert belaying pins to tie-off rope rigging.
  • The pin rail is made of 3-1/2" pipe with holes for belaying pins on 12" centers supported by 4" channel legs.
  • Double pin rails have two pipes so that non-moving pieces may be tied off to one pipe and the other used for the active sets.
  • Wood and steel belaying pins are available.
  • Sand bags may be used to counterbalance the load. Sand bags are made from ballistic nylon construction, with a forged safety hook, and Velcro closure.
  • Dry sand (not supplied) can be added or removed to accurately balance a load.
Ordering Information
Product Code Description Wt.
Pin Rails
015-520R Single Pin Rail 25 lb / ft
015-520D Double Pin Rail 45 lb / ft
Belaying Pins
015-249 21" Wooden Belaying Pin, 1-5/32" Diameter 1 lb / ea
015-439 Steel Belaying Pin, 3/4" Diameter 2 lb / ea
015-449 Steel Belaying Pin, 1-1/16" Diameter 2.2 lb / ea
Sand Bags
015-SB25 25 lb. Sand Bag 1 lb / ea
015-SB50 50 lb. Sand Bag 1 lb / ea
015-SB100 100 lb. Sand Bag 2 lb / ea
015-1SB150 150 lb. Sand Bag 2 lb / ea
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