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Point Hoists

Point Hoist
Point Hoist
  • Point hoists offer the flexibility of rope spot lines with the speed and capacity of a motorized set. The ultimate in flexibility, point hoists offer an individual hoist for each lift line. Also known as motorized spot lines, point hoists provide a versatility that is not available from rows of parallel battens. With individual control of each lift line, you can twist and turn scenic elements for effect. Or, multiple hoists can be synchronized, so that several point hoists can lift a single scenic piece.
  • Widely used in major opera houses and performing arts centers, point hoist systems offer a new, adaptable approach to rigging that is becoming increasingly popular in all venues.
  • Point Hoists are designed and built to meet specific user needs. Point hoists used in theatres or opera houses for scenery suspension typically have capacities of 250 - 1,000 lbs with top speeds from 180 to 360 fpm. Contact us for assistance in designing the hoist system that will meet your requirements.
  • The point hoist shown is part of a series of hoists that roll on tracks so that it can be placed exactly where it’s needed. Each hoist has a 600 lb lifting capacity and a maximum speed of 400 fpm. The design ensures that the cable drop point for the spot line remains constant as it winds on and off the drum.
Ordering Information
We're pleased to provide you with quotes for our hoists. Please provide the following information:
  • Capacity
  • Speed (fixed or variable speed, feet per minute)
  • Travel
  • Number and diameter of lift lines
  • Any special requirements
  • Hoists require 3 phase power at 208, 230, or 460 VAC. Please confirm voltage at time of ordering. (380 and 575 VAC and 50 Hz hoists are available for international projects)
  • Overspeed and load brakes
  • Slack line detector
  • Cross groove detector
  • Keeper rollers
  • Load cells
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