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PowerLift® E-Series Hoists

PowerLift Hoists

Movement on stage is part of the excitement of live performance. The Five variable speed models offer combinations of speeds and lifting speeds selection to provide the action you need Variable speed hoists let you make subtle changes, or fast dramatic moves – and anything in between. If your theatre is used for dramas or musicals, you'll want the Performance Line. Variable speed up to 180 fpm and capacities up to 2,000 lbs.

What's New? PowerLifts have a dual braking system - the primary brake on the motor, backed up by a redundant load brake on the drum shaft for added safety. The "E" series uses an electric load brake instead of a mechanical "drag" brake. Drag brakes have been used on hoists for over 100 years, but they can be noisy. The electric load brake operates quickly and quietly. Speed sensors on the motor and drum shaft let the system compare the actual speed with both the commanded speed and maximum speed. The sensors can also monitor the integrity of the shafting and gearbox for an added level of security. These sensors can detect problems at the moment they occur and respond quickly. This minimizes the stopping distance as well as the forces on the rigging and the payload.

Ordering Information
Model Speed Capacity HP Travel Weight
018-P0220F 20 fpm 2,000 lbs 1.5 63' 750 lbs. ea.
018-P0220VE 0 - 20 fpm 2,000 lbs 1.5 63' 750 lbs. ea.
018-P1212VE 0 - 120 fpm 1,200 lbs 5.0 63' 770 lbs. ea.
018-P1220VE 0 - 120 fpm 2,000 lbs 7.5 63' 800 lbs. ea.
018-P1812VE 0 - 180 fpm 1,200 lbs 7.5 63' 800 lbs. ea.
018-P1817VE 0 - 180 fpm 1,750 lbs 10 63' 800 lbs. ea.
These units are used with the SceneControl or Altus consoles, allowing accurate positioning.
All units have up to 7 lift lines. Hoists require 3 phase power at 208, 230, or 460 VAC. Please confirm voltage at time of ordering. (380 and 575 VAC and 50 Hz hoists are available for international projects.
018-PLLOAD Load monitoring option
014-933 Cover
PowerLifts can be provided with 8 lift lines, with 49' travel
PowerLift hoists can be double purchased. Contact the factory for more information.
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