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Rigging Accessories

We’re your one source for all your rigging accessories!

Accessories may seem like the little insignificant extras to some, but at Clancy
we take every product to the highest level possible! No matter what the size
and what the use, every accessory is engineered to be as reliable and
productive as possible.

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Guided Cable Clew
Clew for one or two drive lines and up to 8 lift lines.
Nicopress® Fittings
Copper oval sleeves
and stop sleeves.
Pin Rail & Accessories
Rope rigging equipment, including pin rails, belaying pins, and sand bags.
Capstan Hoist
For use with manual counterweight sets.

Motorized curtain track system for smaller spaces.
Curtain Tracks – Steel Channel
Steel channel traveller tracks
Pipe and truss battens support lighting, scenery, and other loads.
Pipe Clamps
Allows attachment of chain or wire rope to battens.
Cross Grid Connector
Connects pipe at right angles for pipe grids.
Batten Trim Clamp
Low profile lift line termination and adjustment.
Beam Clamps
For attaching chain or wire rope to beams.
Cable Cradles
Supports an electrical cable loop and prevents sharp bends.
Turnbuckles Forged turnbuckles for trimming battens or tensioning lines, US made.
Cable Pantographs & Connector Strips
Efficient means of maintaining control over power and data wiring for rigging sets.
Floor Plate
For termination of guide lines.

NOTE: Clancy rigging equipment is not to be used for lifting or flying people.

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