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For End Users

Bring push button
control to your existing
counterweight sets!

Could you benefit from motorized rigging for your backstage, but lack the space or funds for a new installation?

If so, Clancy can help you automate your existing counterweight sets simply and economically with our
award-winning PowerAssist! It offers:

  • Enhanced Safety — Counterweight sets must be continually balanced every time a load changes. With PowerAssist, there is never any need to load weights or make adjustments — the motor handles the out-of-balance load, eliminating the risk of runaway sets.

  • Simple Installation — PowerAssist fits compactly under your locking rail, so it won’t take up any extra floor space. You can choose to automate a single line or a complete system.

  • Easy Push Button Operation — With the simple push of a button, PowerAssist can lift up to 2,000 lbs. at a fixed speed of 25 fpm, making it perfect for automating your lighting sets, orchestra shell ceilings, or scenery battens.

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