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Technical Articles & Papers

The published articles and papers listed below offer solutions and advice on a variety of rigging-related issues and Clancy rigging products.

PDF Structural Design Requirements for Entertainment Venues —

Structure Magazine (March 2008)
Rigging systems impose unusual loads on building system frames. A clear set of design criteria is best established during the schematic design of the entertainment facility.

PDF Winch BasicsProtocol (Fall 2001)

Learn what you need to know to help your customers obtain the equipment that will meet their needs. This article explains what to look for in winches, the central element of any motorized rigging system.

PDF Electrical Winch Controls — Protocol (Fall 2003)

This article focuses on the basic electrical requirements of the motors and user interface issues you will need to address before specifying, building or buying winch controls.

PDF Rigging Control System Safety — Protocol (Winter 2008)

Automated rigging systems can provide increased safety and reliability as long as the right measures are taken and key points are considered.

Stage Rigging 101 — Sound & Video Contractor (October 2002)

Learn about the basic function, uses, and components involved in stage rigging.

PDF New Loads for Old Structures — Protocol (Winter 2002)

When converting or refitting an older building with modern lighting, rigging, sound equipment and more, one of the biggest unknowns is the load-carrying capacity of the structure. This article explores how to proceed with a structural evaluation.

PDF How to Communicate With Your Structural Engineer –

The ESG Report (Spring 2007, Part 1)
Probably better entitled "Engineer-Speak 101," the author reviews basic concepts and terms you should know when communicating with your structural engineer.

PDF How to Communicate With Your Structural Engineer –

The ESG Report (Summer 2007, Part 2)
In Part II of a multi-part article on communicating with your structural engineer, the author discusses the importance of providing quality information to your engineer as it will directly impact the final deliverable.

PDF About Our Blocks – J.R. Clancy (2007)

Find out more about our nylon and cast iron sheaves – including the bearings they are equipped with and the shafts that support them – and their applications.

PDF Brakes for Theatrical Hoists – J.R. Clancy (2007)

This article discusses the relevance of brakes as applied to theatre hoists, writing specification for hoist brakes, and recommended design practices. Terms to define brakes on hoists are first standardized to eliminate misinterpretation.

PDF Trim Chains – The ESG Report (Fall 2008)

An evaluation of what types of chain are appropriate for use as theatrical trim chains.

PDF Chain for Theatrical Use – J.R. Clancy (2007)

An overview of chain options and safety features as well as a look at our Turner & Seymour 30 Proof chain and its use for both dead hanging and trim chains.

PDF Fire Curtains – J.R. Clancy (2007)

Learn about fire curtains at a glance. This article covers their use, motorized vs. manual curtains, speed regulations and diagrams of Straight Lift and Brail fire curtains.

PDF Zetex® Plus Fabric – J.R. Clancy (2007)

A closer look at the strength and flame-, abrasion-, and spark-resistance of Zetex Plus fabric with its zero-generated smoke rating.

PDF Line Shaft Hoist FAQ’s – J.R. Clancy (2007)

Theatrical hoists hold and move loads above people. Yet, how much do we know about hoists, how to keep their components aligned and the types of coupling and shafting that should be used? Simple explanations are offered in this Q & A.

PDF Nicopress® Sleeves & Tools – J.R. Clancy (2009)

A technical description of how to use the Nicopress documentation and gauges to inspect newly installed swages in the field.

PDF Drawing & Information Requirements – J.R. Clancy (2009)

Here’s what we need from our dealers so we can provide system drawings for submittal and installation.

Rigging Systems For Small Venues – Live Design Online (2009)

How to deal with the design and operation challenges of small theatre spaces.

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