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Fusible Links

Fusible Links


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Electro Thermal Link

  • Used to connect the fire curtain system to fire alarms or other electrical systems
  • Link separates when electricity is applied
  • UL Listed

Rate of Rise Detector

  • Used to release fire curtain when:
    • Temperature raises 15°F (7.1°C) in one minute
    • Temperature exceeds 135°F (57.2°C)
  • Normally open contact
  • UL Listed

Fusible Link

  • Placed in the fire line to release the fire curtain
  • Link separates at a temperature of 165°F (74°C)
  • UL Listed


Product Code Description RWL Weight
016-ETL Electro Thermal Link 40 lb (18 kg) 0.2 lb (0.09 kg)
099-5601P Rate of Rise Detector
016-7519 Fusible Link 40 lb (18 kg) 0.04 lb (0.09 kg)



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