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Cable Pantographs

Cable Pantographs


JR Clancy's Pantograph provides a reliable space saving way to provide power to moving pipe battens. The lightweight aluminum frame houses both high voltage power and low voltage data cables in separated channels. Whether front of house, over stage, or in the lobby the JR Clancy Pantograph is the easiest and cleanest cable management system available.


  • Up to twenty five electrical power circuits
  • Up to two data cables. - CAT 5 or DMX standard, other options available
  • High/low voltage barrier
  • Up to 50' (15 m) vertical travel
  • Stacks in 25" (635 mm) or less
  • Fits between two lift lines spaced 9'-0" to 11'-0" (2743 to 3353 mm)
  • Units can be mounted to the underside of building steel or hoist backbone



Ordering Information

We’re pleased to provide you with quotes for pantographs. Please provide the following information:

  • Type of rigging
  • Number and size of conductors
  • Length of extra wire for top and bottom connections
  • Attachment height of horizontal stabilization track
  • Amount of vertical travel required
  • Distance between pickup line
  • Amount of top storage space

Please call your Wenger | J.R. Clancy representative so we can thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and estimate.