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Safety & Operations Manuals

Promoting safety is one of the most important things we do here at Clancy. Please use the information below to educate yourself and other users on safe practices with your rigging equipment.

Operations Manuals

When a Clancy Dealer buys a complete rigging system, we’ll provide a customized manual, specifically for your rigging system. If you need additional information, please call 800-836-1885 for technical help.

PDF Counterweight Rigging Systems System Manual
PDF Brail Fire Curtain
PDF Straight Lift Fire Curtain
PDF SureTarget Control System
PDF SureTarget 10
PDF Altus
PDF SceneControl 500
PDF Pushbutton Control Stations
PDF PowerAssist With Push Button Control Operations Manual
PDF HC-100B User Guide
PDF Raynok Software Guide
PDF RSC-5000 Console Interface
PDF SC5000 Runabout
PDF SceneControl® 5100 P Console
PDF SceneControl® 5200 Console
PDF SC5300 Console
PDF SC5500 Console
PDF SC5600 Console

Safety Signs

Order your safety signs, or for your convenience, download the pdf and print your own sign!

PDF Counterweight Rigging (with loading bridge)
PDF Counterweight Rigging (without loading bridge)
PDF Automated Rigging
PDF How to Determine Set Capacity

Safety Sheets

PDF Rail Calls Information Sheet
PDF Fire Curtain Safety and Usage Information Sheet
PDF Rigging System Log Information Sheet
DOCX Theatre Safety Policy Template