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Rigging System Design Guide

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Our design guide provides an overview of rigging system design and the major decisions made during the design process.
To view our design guide, download a pdf copy below.

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Recommended Mounting Dimensions

A Wall Clearance 3" MIN
(76 mm)
B Beam Spacing 18 - 22"
(457 - 559 mm)
C Wall to Face of
T or J Guide
8 - 20"
(200 - 504 mm)
D Face of T or J Guide
to Center of Arbor
7-7/8" (200 mm)
E Clearance of Handlines
to Adjacent Structures
3 - 5"
(76 - 127 mm)
F Face of T or J Guide
to Edge of
Loading Gallery
22 - 25"
(559 - 635 mm)
G Liftline/Loft Block
Beam Spacing
10' MAX
(3 m)
H Face of T or J to
Edge of Beam
Flange of Offstage
Head Beam
5" MAX
(127 mm)
J B.O.S. Head Block
Beam to Top
of Guide
18" MIN
(457 mm)
K Wall to Center
of Single Head
Block Beam
19-1/2" MIN
(495 mm)
L T.O.S. Head Block
Beam to
B.O.S. Loft Block
16" for 12"
(406 for 305 mm)
Head Blocks
12" for 8"
(305 for 200 mm)
Head Blocks
M Floor to Top
of Lockrail
27-1/2" (700 mm)
N Face of T or J Guide
to Back of Lockrail
24" (610 mm)
O Floor to Top of the
Bottom Arbor Stop
24" MIN
(610 mm)
P Wall to Edge of
Arbor Pit Opening
= N + C
Q Face of T or J Guide
to Arbor Pit Wall
36" MIN
(915 mm)

Underhung Head Block: Single Beam

Upright Head Bock: Double Beam

Floor Mounted Lock Rail

Underhung Head Block: Double Beam

Arbor Pit Mounted Lock Rail