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Installation Manuals

When a Clancy Dealer buys a complete rigging system, we’ll provide system drawings, based on the field dimensions provided. Installation information is provided with the equipment. If you need additional information, please call 800-836-1885 for technical help.


PDF PowerLift® Installation Manual
PDF PowerAssist® Installation Manual
PDF SureGuard® Installation & Troubleshooting
PDF Titan® Hoist Installation Manual
PDF Manual Rigging Installation Manual

Basic Installation Information

Graphic diagrams showing the dos and dont's of installations

PDF Loft Block – Basic Installation
PDF Rope Lock – Basic Installation
PDF Head Block – Basic Installation
PDF Installation Checklist

After you’ve completed an installation, this list covers items that you’ll want to check before handing over the system to your client.

Limit Switches

Limit switches control the travel of motorized equipment. It is essential that these are set correctly to prevent accidents. Only technicians who fully understand the operation of limit switches and the related safety considerations should make these adjustments.

PDF How to Set a GE Limit Switch
VIDEO How to Set a GE Limit Switch
PDF How to Set a Ravasi Limit Switch

Field Checks

PDF How to do a Field Check
Detailed instruction on how to field check a stage to help in producing accurate drawings and an installation plan.
PDF Field Check Worksheet
A form to record the key dimensions of head and loft beams.
PDF PowerLift® Field Check Worksheet
PDF Helios Field Check Worksheet
PDF PowerAssist® Field Check Worksheet

Other Information

PDF Nicopress® Fittings Guide
VIDEO Nicopress® Terminations
PDF Allowable Batten Loads
PDF Arbor Capacity Table
PDF Things You Should Know
PDF Mounting Clips for Blocks