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Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains

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  • Provides a fire rated barrier between the stage and auditorium, as required by the International Building Code (IBC) and other building codes
  • Brail or Straight Lift styles, to suit your stage architecture
  • Motorized - all curtains close automatically when activated, non-emergency operations are motorized for convenience and code compliance
  • Zetex® Plus 1210ZP curtains (40 oz./sq yd) are Listed by the State of California Fire Marshall (1670-1164:0101), and by the NYC Department of Buildings Materials and Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA 212-08-M). Listings are for curtains with or without wire insertion.
  • Zetex® Plus 1210ZP curtains have a one-hour rating, exceeding fire code requirements
  • Fabric is available in natural (tan) or black
  • Framed type curtains also available
  • Fire curtain systems meet ANSI E1.22-2009 "Entertainment Technology Fire Safety Curtain Systems" or NFPA 80 "Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives - 2013" or other standards - Please specify


Product Code Description
Product Code Description
017-1201 Zetex Fire Curtain, Straight Lift
017-1201B Zetex Fire Curtain, Straight Lift, Black
017-1201BW Zetex Fire Curtain, Straight Lift, Black, Wire Inserted
017-1201W Zetex Fire Curtain, Straight Lift, Wire Inserted
017-1203 Zetex Fire Curtain, Brail
017-1203B Zetex Fire Curtain, Brail, Black



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