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Alden Theatre

McLean, Virginia

Project Description:

Just outside of Washington, D.C., is the beautiful, 386-seat Alden Theatre. Established in 1975, the theatre is part of the McLean Community Center and hosts professional touring acts as well as local performing groups. When the 18-year-old motorized rigging system presented issues with noise and positioning, J.R. Clancy was selected to upgrade the rigging system to meet current production requirements and provide Alden Theatre with an automated system to meet the needs for both professional and local acts.

Fixed-speed PowerLift® hoists were installed for lighting sets and variable-speed PowerLifts were installed for scenery sets. The automated hoists are controlled by a SceneControl® 500 Motion Control System providing accurate, repeatable positioning and load sensing.


  • 3 PowerLift hoists for lighting sets, 20 fpm, 2,000 lb. capacity
  • 9 PowerLift hoists for scenery sets, 0-120 fpm, 1,250 lb. capacity
  • SceneControl® 500



Additional Information:

Stage Directions. August 2007 (pdf)