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Aurora Theatre

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Project Description:

In late 2005, the Aurora Theatre Company started planning their new theatre. This would be their first permanent home, so they contacted the team of Georgia Stage and Barbizon Atlanta for assistance with technical planning.

Much of the theatrical lighting would be over the audience in areas that would be difficult to access using a ladder or personnel lift. The answer was to use three PowerLift hoists to raise and lower the lighting battens for easy access.

Additionally, three general purpose automated PowerLift hoists were provided over the stage. As these will be used for many purposes, variable speed units were chosen for their flexibility. The speed range of 0-120 fpm allows subtle or dramatic movement for scenic elements. The 1250 lb. capacity also allows the sets to act as utility hoists, to carry lighting equipment or curtains.

For further flexibility, a SceneControl 500 rigging automation console lets the user operate the equipment simply.


3 Automated lighting sets with PowerLift hoists, 20 fpm, 2,000 lb. capacity
3 Automated scenery sets with PowerLift hoists, 0-120 fpm, 1,250 lb. capacity
SceneControl 500 Motion Control System
J.R. Clancy Zetex® non-asbestos fire safety curtain
20 Single purchase counterweight sets


  • 3 PowerLift hoists for lighting sets, 20 fpm, 2,000 lb. capacity
  • 3 PowerLift hoists for scenery sets, 0-120 fpm, 1,250 lb. capacity
  • SceneControl® 500
  • Zetex® Fire Safety Curtain
  • 20 single purchase counterweight sets