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Schrott Center for the Arts, Butler University

Indianapolis, Indiana

Project Description:

In April of 2013, the 450-seat Schrott Center for the Arts officially opened its doors at Butler University. The new, multi-purpose venue required custom rigging solutions that worked in conjunction with the Wenger Diva® acoustical shell, the catwalk system and the W steel support beams. J.R. Clancy provided a custom rigging solution consisting of 38 PowerLift hoists for the line sets, three double-purchase PowerLifts to allow for the required 4,000 lb capacity, custom line shaft hoists, and a SceneControl 500 controller. The hoists were mounted on alternate sides of the stage in order to avoid conflicts with the Diva shell, catwalk system and W steel beams. Mounting on the sides also allowed J.R. Clancy to install multiple hoists and keep the centers of the line sets as close together as possible.


  • PowerLift® Hoists for line sets: 2,000 lb capacity, 120 fpm
  • PowerLift® Hoists for acoustic shell ceilings: 4,000 lb capacity, 10 fpm
  • Custom line shaft hoists
  • SceneControl® 500



Additional Information:

Long Time Coming, June 1, 2013