George Mason University’s Center for the Arts

Fairfax, Virginia

Project Description:

Converting from an outdated rigging system to the latest in automated equipment can mean an exponential leap in a theatre’s ability to mount exciting productions. At George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, the new rigging designed by J.R. Clancy for the 2000-seat Concert Hall not only expands the theater’s capabilities, but it also alleviates concerns about safety and functionality.

43 PowerLift hoists were installed as well as a SceneControl console for ease of operation. There is no grid in the theatre, therefore, the PowerLift hoists were mounted in a vertical orientation in the stage gallery. JR Clancy provided two fixed-speed PowerLift hoists with a 2,000 lb capacity to move the orchestra shell and a drum winch for the house curtain. With the entire system in place, the Center can accommodate productions ranging from grand opera, chorale, lecture or an orchestra concert.


  • 43 PowerLift® Hoists, 0-180 fpm, 1,250 lb. capacity, mounted vertically
  • 2 PowerLift® Hoists, 2,000 lb. capacity
  • Drum Winch, 250 fpm, 1,250 lb. capacity
  • SceneControl® 500



Additional Information:

PLSN August 2010