Valley Baptist Church

Bakersfield, California

Project Description:

Valley Baptist Church provides three worship services every Sunday in its 1,800-seat Worship Centre - two services with a choir and orchestra to appeal to a diverse age group, and a third with a praise band playing guitars and drums. During a technology upgrade in 2015, two 18’ x 10’ LED display walls were installed, and J.R. Clancy was tasked to create a unique way to move the screens downstage 28 feet and then lower them to eight feet above the stage. J.R. Clancy developed a custom hoist and gantry system to design a way for the screens to travel upstage and store flush with the back wall at the facility, and a SceneControl® 5200 serves as the controller for the LED gantry system. In addition, three Varion® hoists and one PowerLift® hoist were installed to add lighting positions above stage.


  • Custom Gantry System
  • Custom Hoist
  • 3 Varion® Hoists
  • PowerLift® Hoist
  • SceneControl® 5200



Additional Information:

One Stage, Two Looks: Custom JR Clancy Hoist System Assisting
Worship Facilities
Valley Baptist Church Gets a Technology Upgrade