Winspear Opera House

Dallas, Texas

Project Description:

In 2009 the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas opened its doors to the public, showcasing a custom-built, 40-foot-high and 40-foot-wide glowing chandelier. The centerpiece of the Winspear Opera House is the custom-built chandelier featuring 318 internally illuminated rods. Powered by 44 custom-designed winches, mounted around the chandelier’s ring, J.R. Clancy’s technology made it possible for the rods to travel as much as 60 feet as it glides into position or retracts into the ceiling. The J.R. Clancy SceneControl® console programs the rods’ synchronized movements creating the starlike effect at the Winspear. J.R. Clancy also provided 85 counterweight rigging line sets, a custom-designed point hoist for the fire curtain, and PowerLift® hoist for the raising and lowering of adjustable acoustic panels.


  • 44 Custom Winches
  • SceneControl® 500
  • 85 Counterweight Rigging Line Sets
  • Fire Curtain
  • House Curtain
  • Custom Point Hoist
  • PowerLift® Hoist



Additional Information:

The Retractable LED Chandelier (pdf)
Chandelier Video
Chandelier Data Sheet (pdf)