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Wisconsin Union Theatre

Madison, WI

Project Description:

When renovating the 76-year-old theatre, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Union Theatre needed a quick way to change the stage from one event to another and easily move the custom Wenger Diva® acoustical shells. J.R. Clancy created a shell support frame that could grasp the Diva towers and fly them into the fly loft with a partial or full load. The frame includes a guardrail on both sides, and a bracket that attaches to the shells towers and rail. A high-capacity custom hoist, controlled by SceneControl 5100, was used for basic up-down operation. The Union Theatre project included a custom shell support frame, ramp, guiderails and SceneControl 5100 for the towers. In addition, 4 PowerLifts were installed, 1 high-capacity lineshaft hoist for the first electric, 2 drum hoists for the speaker clusters and a fire curtain hoist at Union Theatre.


  • High-capacity custom shell tower hoist
  • 4 PowerLift Hoists
  • 2 Drum Hoists
  • Motorized Fire Curtain System with SureGuard® II
  • SceneControl® 5100 & 5200



Additional Information:

Project Case Study