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Helios™ Hoist

Helios Hoist


Helios is an economical, automated hoist ideal for smaller venues and available in fixed or variable speeds. The patent-pending drum and innovative brake design offer a compact solution where space is a premium. Helios’ access panel and operation lights provide state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities with ease-of-use serviceability. Safety features include slack line and load sensing and the unique drum design allows for hoist-mounting on a single beam.

Model Number Hoist Speed fpm (m/s) Hoist Capacity lb (kg)
018-H0220 20 (0.1) 2000 (907)
018-H1212 120 (0.6) 1200 (544)
018-H1217 120 (0.6) 1750 (793)
018-H1812 180 (0.9) 1200 (544)



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